When your kids munch our popcorn,
Each kernel they eat,
Is a healthy and natural,
Gluten-free treat.
No high-fructose corn-syrup,
All whole grain. nothing fake.
Delicious nutrition
In each handful they take.


Who are the Monster Pop Monsters?

There’s CAS. She’s the leader.

She loves Cheeserific Cheese.


For funny BUD, Big Time Butter

Makes him say “Oh, yes please!”


KIT’s the inventor.

She’s a big Kettle fan.


And we can’t forget Pip.

Finger Lickin’ Pizza’s his jam.

Where can I buy Monster Pop?

Click here to find shops which proudly sell Monster Pop!

Is Monster Pop Gluten-Free?

On the package, you’ll see that we are totally gluten-free!

Is Monster Pop Kosher?

If you need a Kosher treat, Monster Pop is great to eat!

My child has allergies. What allergens are

contained in Monster Pop popcorn?

Our Cheese, Butter and Pizza flavors have milk in the recipe.

But other than that, we are food allergen free!

How can I contact Monster Pop?

Click here anytime to drop us a line.